Barkin Simsek

Hi, I’m a senior Computer Engineering student at New York University Abu Dhabi and I will be graduating this may!

I love coding to solve real-world problems, and I’m particularly interested in the open source software development & cybersecurity. In the past, I contributed to Project Jupyter and now I’m actively contributing to the Tor Project to reduce the discrimination against Tor anonymity network users on the internet.

I have also worked on a bunch of software & hardware projects in the past and I enjoy having the end-to-end ownership of the projects I worked on. You can learn more about them in the projects tab.

My other interests include privacy-enhancing technologies, cryptography, computer architecture, software reverse engineering, cloud computing, distributed systems, CTFs, photography, rock climbing, and aviation.

I’m bilingual in English and Turkish. I do speak a little bit of German, and I can read Russian. You can email me at <barkin(at)nyu(dot)edu> (PGP Key). You can also reach me at OFTC’s IRC server or freenode (my IRC nickname is woswos). I’m not very active on Twitter, but it is another way to reach me.

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engineer • inventor • inquisitive researcher • cybersecurity enthusiast • FRC Team #4191 • new age farmer • entrepreneur • dreamer • open-source contributor • dauntless risk taker • adventurous traveller • ham radio addict • loves watching How It’s Made • enjoys solving problems that matter • aviation and space enthusiast • passionate about camping and rock climbing

"The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents" - Anonymous